PMPv6 Changes Summary

If you preparing for PMPv6 exam, here is a list of notes you should take care of:

1-Read “AGILE PRACTICE GUIDE” book ISBN: 978-1-62825-199-9 since PMP now is completely running with Agile spirit.

2-Time Management Knowledge Area name changed to Schedule Management

3-Human Resources Management Knowledge Area name changed to Resources Management

4-Estimate Activity Resources moved from Time Management to Resources Management

5- Three new process added :

  • Manage Project knowledge (executing) process added to Integration Management
  • Implement Risk Responses (executing) process added to Risk Management
  • Control Resources (monitoring & controlling) process added to Resources Management

6-NineĀ process renamed

7-Process Close Procurement REMOVED and details of it added to Close Project or Phase process

8-New chapter for the role of project manager has been added (chapter 3)

9- recategorize many tools and techniques

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