The History of DevOps & NetDevOps

Everything started with Virtualization products (such as VMware) then Data Centers came (Cisco Nexus & UCS) that leads to Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure , Google Cloud & Amazon AWS) then the needs of containers pop up (Dockers) and that is why Microsoft added a complete chapter for how to use docker on windows 2016 server

Same time we used to have Network functions virtualization NFV (Virtual Router, Switch, Firewall,IPS..etc) which leads to even having Virtual switch independent products ( VMware VSS,VDS/ Cisco Nexus 1000v /AVS/OVS).

Then we got the new term “Network Virtualization” where a complete network is just virtualized, solutions such as VXLAN provide us this concept where you can had a complete virtual layer 2 network overlay Physical layer network.

Story continue, Devices now had API (such as Cisco NX-API / Cisco onePK / eAPI)

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