Windows BGP Router

Yes, You can run BGP in Windows Server and even peer it with Cisco BGP router.

Use Cases:

Powershell BGP commands Reference:

More with Lab from Packet Thrower  Blog:

Fun with Windows – BGP Routing

Basic Powershell commands to remember, Let’s Assume we had the following topology:


To Adds a BGP router for the specified Tenant ID:
Add-BgpRouter -BgpIdentifier -LocalASN 100

To Adds a new BGP peer:
Add-BgpPeer -Name CiscoR2 -LocalIPAddress -PeerIPAddress -LocalASN  100 -PeerASN 200 -PeeringMode Automatic

To Adds custom routes to the BGP routing table:
Add-BgpCustomRoute -Network

To Retrieves BGP peering-related message and route advertisement statistics:

Remember, before typing above PS commands you should install “Remote Access Role” then “Routing Role Services“.

Then go to Routing and Remote Access Console
Right-click your domain name, then
choose “configure and enable routing and remote access
click next
choose “Custom Configuration” then choose “LAN Routing

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  1. Great ! Article Thanks ,but can’t reach to Microsoft link for case,Powershell BGP commands both isn’t working


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