Ambiguous Cisco Networking Terms For Beginners

1-What is optimal path & suboptimal path ?

suboptimal means the route that the packet takes is not the most optimal or in other words not efficient of all the possible routes.

Lets say you have two paths to same destination , one T1 and one 56K , optimal could be T1 path and suboptimal could be 56k

also sometimes incoming path could use optimal path while outgoing is using suboptimal path and vice versa.

in the end optimal is the perfect , suboptimal is not that prefect .


2-What is port flapping?

Ports turning up (on) and down (off) rapidly.

3-What is link flapping?

Link flap means that the interface continually goes up and down in a Cisco devices.

4-what is bouncing an interface ?

bouncing an interface means manually we shutdown then no shutdown interface

5-what is route propagate?

sending route from hop to hop , in another meaning tell any other router (advertise) what routes you have .

6-what is network throughput?

Network Throughput refers to the volume of data that can flow through a network.

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can travel through a ‘channel’.

Throughput is how much data actually does travel through the ‘channel’ successfully.

7-What is Routing Protocols Convergence ?

A converged network topology view means all the routers agree on which links are up, which links are down, which links are running fastest etc. and ready to serve you.

8-what is Converged Protocols ?

Converged protocols are the merging of specialty or proprietary protocols with standard protocols, such as those from the TCP/IP suite. The primary benefit of converged protocols is the ability to use existing TCP/IP supporting network infrastructure to host special or proprietary services without the need for unique deployments of alternate networking hardware.

such as FCoE ,iSCSI ,DNP3 & MPLS .

9-What is Asymmetric routing ?

Asymmetric routing in general is a normal, but unwanted situation in an IP network. Asymmetric routing is a situation where for one reason or another packets flowing in i.e. TCP connections flow through different routes to different directions.

10-what is explicit and implicit in ACL world ?

explicit mean something happen manually ( Fully and clearly defined by you)

implicit mean something happen automatically (always to be found )

( for your info we use same two terms with Microsoft AD site trust but to explain manually and automatically trust relationship )

as you know in Cisco ACL we have implicit deny all (deny any or deny any any )

but we can not log it because its already written on the end of ACL

so we will need to write explicit deny all , so we can add Log word on the end

extended explicit deny all:

deny any any log

standard explicit deny all:

deny any log standard



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  1. Thank you Mr. Yasser. I appreciate the lessons. I’ve been following for a long time through Facebook and admire your knowledge and dedication.


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