Cisco on-box automation tools

Cisco on-box automation tools are just tools already embedded in Cisco IOS or can be run through Cisco IOS CLI which helps you to automate many tasks.

Cisco on-box automation tools include:

Auto SmartPorts


Auto Security


Smart Call Home

Tcl Shell

Embedded Event Manager (EEM)

Python Version 2.7

-Auto SmartPorts


-Auto Security


-Smart Call Home

For above read chapter 7 “On-Box Automation and Operations Tools” in “Programming and Automating Cisco Networks” cisco press book

-Tcl Shell

For above read cisco press book ” TcL Scripting for Cisco IOS “

-Embedded Event Manager (EEM)

For above read my personal two parts article “Understanding Cisco EEM by examples”

-Python Version 2.7

Yes, you can run python command in Cisco IOS XE in interactive and non-interactive modes

for more info about Python on-box capability read:

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