Kali 2020.1 New Adds for CEH, Pen Test+ and OSCP

If you download Kali 2020 version

,You might need to read this

Default username: kali password: kali

no more root/toor by default

To type commands need admin rights such as ifconfig , you use sudo , example:
sudo ifconfig

root account still exists , if you want to use it , follow the following steps:
1: Issue command “sudo su” in terminal
2: Enter the password for the kali account
3: Issue command “passwd root” in terminal
4: Make a password for the root account and retype it
5: Click logout and type
username: “root” (no caps) and
password: “{the one that you entered at step 4}”

KALI interface can looks like Windows 10 if you want that , open terminal and type:
To stop it run the above command again (its just a script)

Also PowerShell is now can be run in Kali, bring the ability to execute PowerShell scripts directly on Kali ,to install the feature type:
apt update
apt install powershell
To run powershell in your Kali terminal type:

To run powershell in your Kali terminal type:



List of Kali 2020 Hacking tools:


Be aware that some tools versions are updated and coming with new GUI as well such as Ettercap


Kali 2020 removed all tools based in Python version 2  but unfortunately Kali OS still coming by default with python 2.7 , you will need to install python 3.8 by yourself.


Yasser Ramzy Auda


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