What is Cisco SD-Branch?

What is SD-Branch?

Simply means you can create and build a branch with few steps from a centralized location, where you can build your branch with routers, switches, WLCs , Firewall, Win/Linux Servers, and WAN Edge routers.


Actually, all these branch gears and servers I mentioned above will be Virtual machines (VMs) we call it in this solution Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) using Cisco Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)  

Which Hypervisor will be used?

Cisco had its own answer called Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software (NFVIS)


But what if I would like to have Polo Alto Firewall as VM, can I?

Yes for sure, Cisco support many Thrid party VNFs , check below list that going to grow over time


Where this NFVIS software and VNFs will exist, it will need hardware for sure ?

yes we have multiple solutions to host it but the common way is hosting in an appliance called Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS)

Add alt textNo alt text provided for this image

Ok NFVIS is software in ENCS hardware that helps me to create VMs (aka NFV) to create my Branch devices, but how I will access it to do that?

You can access it using CLI/GUI/REST API or You can use Controllers and Orchestrators such as

Cisco NSO

Cisco vManage

Cisco DNA-C

Cisco MSX

Imagine how pretty it is to use vManage to create WAN Edge VM and other required VMs remotely for your Branch

In May 2021 there is a new 2 days course for that, it is

Implementing Cisco Enterprise SD-Branch (ENSDBI)

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