About Me

Part of a previous interview about my life:

(Tell us some facts about you)
I was born in Egypt-Alexandria, I traveled a lot..but I currently live in UAE -Dubai.

(When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?)
It’s funny to think about it, I wanted to be a private detective or astronaut as I was affected as a child by movies and E.T.
My job title now is Senior Mentor & Network Instructor, it makes me creative so i can create new methods and forms which make the network world easy to understand, it’s cool to work with educational solutions. Since the beginning of 1990’s, I studied with little interest. However, in late 1990; things in IT changed on a large scale, all these changes came and still in interesting, funny and exciting ways.
This reminds me of the industrial revolution in the beginning of the 18th Century where everyone was interested to know what is going on inside machines.
Nowadays, we know what is going on inside the service provider clouds or what is going on inside the IP packet world.

(What professional achievement(s) are you most proud of and what would you like to learn or do next in your career?)
When I started making CBTs for my community to help other people to understand network technologies especially with Cisco products in mind, I was really proud. In addition, I obtained CCIE R&S certificate and that’s another achievement.

(What other resources have you used to prepare for certification exams?)
Anything online or offline will be useful for exams in a way or another and my advice for someone who is considering a similar career /certification, follow these steps in order :
Read books
Watch CBT’s and any learning videos
Practice in labs
Be confident and never ever give up, just go and do it regardless of how long it will take, you can do it.

Welcome to my site!