Ethical Hacking Course


Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Reconnaissance Tools & Techniques
Scanning Techniques & Tools
Netcat Tool
Metasploit Framework
Malware Threats
Social Engineering
Vulnerability Analysis
Inside Systems Hacking
Sniffing Threats & Tools
Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Hacking Web Servers , Applications & SQL Injection
Wireless Networks Threats
Mobile Platforms Threats
IoT Hacking
Cloud Computing Threats


SISEv3 prerequisites


Normally I explain prerequisites during SISEv3 but this makes the 5 days course finished with 9 to 10 hours training daily.[depedning on Students atatedning]

prerequisites knowledge before you study Cisco ISE2.4 course SISEv3:

  • Cryptography basics such as what is PSK, Public & Private Keys and Hashing
  • How to translate this Cryptography knowledge to PKI
  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain Service AD DS
  • Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Service AD CS
  • Microsoft Active Directory Groups & OU
  • Microsoft Active Directory Object attributes
  • Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy Object GPO
  • Cisco Wireless Lan Controller WLC and how to use GUI to add WLAN and manage APs
  • Cisco Wireless Lan Controller WLC ACL configuration and limitations
  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • HTTP methods & HTTP user agent field /SSL/TLS/XML
  • What is RADIUS & TACACS +
  • What is Change of Authorization CoA in RADIUS
  • AAA Switch and WLC configuration
  • What is 802.1x and EAP Types
  • 802.1x configuration for Switch and WLC
  • What is MAB , WebAuth CWA

Basic Information about :

  • SNMP
  • DHCP Realy Agent
  • SPAN
  • NetFlow
  • Nmap
  • VACL
  • DHCP Snooping
  • CDP & LLDP
  • Regular Expressions

My CLUS 2018 Tips

These are my advice for attending the Cisco Live US conference [aka Networkers].
Date of the event: June 10-14, 2018.

Before Travlling
Make sure to book your hotel and try to have one maximum half a mile away from the event location, this helped me a lot.

Attened event preview
25-May Web seminar: Cisco Live Orlando Preview, it will help you to understand how the event will move on, plus when to add the event to “Cisco Events” Cellphone app, which helps a lot during the conference and keep notifying you with real-time updates during events days.


Event Registration open one day before event day one [9-june] which is good to avoid crowds
you will get your badge and maybe bag and t-shirt depend on the type of your registration.

Cisco Store will be open, avoid crowds and buy accessories, Clothing and books you looking for


10 & 11 June
Cisco World of Solutions start where you meet 100s of vendors and attend free webinar and labs from DevNet , Cisco Certification Center
More shopping in Cisco Store,, just bought Cisco Press Deploying ACI book and some extra items, I start to forget it’s a technical event, you will get a free bag for every few dollars you spent, I guess spent 800 $ in cisco store and I got three free bags


Do not forget to get your CCIE cup from Cisco Certification Center, it is open all day for Cisco certified persons to meet colleagues and get free refreshments.


The big opening icebreaker for most of us is the opening TweetUp

Tweet up arrival #clus #ciscochampion

Free widgets & gifts from Cisco World of solutions exhibitors & Cisco Certification center etc.
and time to go for Free CCIE Party from Cisco to all CCIEs, you can bring one guest with you for free and enjoy free food, drink and new faces to meet.
this year the party held in disneyland Star Wars theme.

The big day CAE Customer Appreciation Event.
from 7PM to 11 PM Cisco reserved Unverisal studio for us with free bands, food, and all park activities for free.


Sam Hunt
Leon Bridges
Refugee – Tom Petty Tribute Band
Slippery When Wet – Bon Jovi Tribute Band

Don’t forget your gift once complete survey in your #CLUS Cisco Events app.
Collect it from material kits counters once you have done.


Finally, do forget three things:

1- CLUS 2019 will be in San Diago if this is the first time there try to extend your stay to visit the city, i did this mistake in Orlando 2018 so i did not catch the last day of CLUS , i was busy in Kennedy space center .

2- Do not deal with CLUS like a purely technical event, yes it is, but it is also Community event where you meet, talk with people just like you, Cisco Fans.

3- Do not forget to donate your CLUS badge for Recycling

34907054_1728211823898577_7796689952456048640_n (1)

I will be there in 2019 CLUS, do not hesitate to come and say hi, and let’s talk.

Yasser  Ramzy Auda.

Windows BGP Router

Yes, You can run BGP in Windows Server and even peer it with Cisco BGP router.

Use Cases:

Powershell BGP commands Reference:

More with Lab from Packet Thrower  Blog:

Fun with Windows – BGP Routing

Basic Powershell commands to remember, Let’s Assume we had the following topology:


To Adds a BGP router for the specified Tenant ID:
Add-BgpRouter -BgpIdentifier -LocalASN 100

To Adds a new BGP peer:
Add-BgpPeer -Name CiscoR2 -LocalIPAddress -PeerIPAddress -LocalASN  100 -PeerASN 200 -PeeringMode Automatic

To Adds custom routes to the BGP routing table:
Add-BgpCustomRoute -Network

To Retrieves BGP peering-related message and route advertisement statistics:

Remember, before typing above PS commands you should install “Remote Access Role” then “Routing Role Services“.

Then go to Routing and Remote Access Console
Right-click your domain name, then
choose “configure and enable routing and remote access
click next
choose “Custom Configuration” then choose “LAN Routing