300-550 NPDESI Tip

300-550 NPDESI Tip
Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability:

API [application programming interface] is a piece of software code that can make two applications talk to each other, for instance, imagine that you create an application to track public tweets and it should instantly display public tweets and their location in google map to your application users.
In this case, my application will need two APIs , one to communicate with Google maps and one to communicate wit Tettwer.

But what about Network Devices?
Traditional methods to manage a network device are:

Nowadays, Programmatic methods to manage network devices use APIs such as:
(which uses HTTP, and HTTPS to make command line calls to the network device and supports the XML and JSON encoding formats.)
-REST [it use HTTP methods such as GET & POST]

Check Cisco platforms and their corresponding API(s) in the pics

cisco api

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